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There are categories on this blog I use for visitor interaction. But most of them, especially child categories, are only triggering behaviours behind the curtains. I wrote this filter in order to remove those childs from the post meta box to keep it uncluttered.

System: WordPress
Files used: function.php
Filter used: the_category

Usage: Place the code into functions.php. I recommend to use a child theme. Always!
Result: Child categories are not listed where template tag the_category is used in the theme.

Einige Kategorien auf diesem Blog für die Interaktion mit dem Benutzer benötigt. Die meisten aber, vor allem die Unterkategorien, werden nur als Steuerung gewisser Funktionen benötigt. Diesen Filter habe ich geschrieben um die Unterkategorieren von der Anzeige im Meta-Bereich des Beitrages auszublenden.

System: WordPress
Datei: function.php
Filter: the_category

Anwendung: Code in die Datei functions.php kopieren. Ich empfehle dazu immer ein child theme zu benutzen.
Resultat: Unterkategorien werden nicht mehr angezeigt wenn die Funktion the_category im Theme aufgerufen wird.


function show_only_parents($original_data) {
	*	This function filters all child categories from post categories
	*	by filtering the output of template tag 'the_category'
	* 	@param 		string		$original_data 	(passed by filter)
	*	@return		string

	*	First we need to make sure we don't mess up the
	*	'Categories' block in the admin panels / edit post screen
	*	It just worked by returning the original data
	*	TODO: Keep an eye on different parts of WordPress
	*		  as we might interfere with other pages...
	*	DISCLAIMER: I'm not quite sure what is happening in the admin
	*				area, but passing through the original data helped.
	if ( is_admin()) {
		return $original_data;
	} else {
		*	Get all categories for the current blog post
		*	I assume this only works when in the_loop.
		*	But moreso the_category should do so as well
		$categories = get_the_category();

		*	Define an empty $output var to suppress php warnings
		$output = "";

		*	Loop through every category and add it to the output var
		*	by checking it has no parents. No parents means it's not child.
		*	Add some funky separator ',' and remove the last one
		* 	on return.
		foreach( $categories as $category ) {
			$category_link = get_category_link($category->cat_ID);
			if ( $category->category_parent == 0) {
				$output .= '<a title="'
. $category->name 
. '" href="' 
. $category_link . '">' 
. $category->name . '</a>, ';
		return rtrim($output, ', ');
add_filter('the_category', 'show_only_parents');

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