re:publica 2013 – Tag 3

re:publica 2013 – Tag 3 – 8. Mai 2012. Station, Berlin.

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re:publica 2013 – Tag 2

re:publica 2013 – Tag 2 – 7. Mai 2012. Station, Berlin.

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re:publica 2013 – Tag 1

re:publica 2013 – Tag 1 – 6. Mai 2012. Station, Berlin.

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Twenty years of a free, open web

Zum zwanzigsten Geburtstag des World Wide Web

Vor 20 Jahren stellte das CERN die noch heute wichtigen Technologien für den Betrieb des „Netzes“ zur lizenzfreien Benützung zur Verfügung. Nur so konnte das Internet die Welt in 20 Jahre so verändern und prägen. Stellen wir uns vor, wir müssten für jeden Beitrag, den wir publizieren wollen, für jeden Webserver und für jeden Browser, Lizenzen zahlen. Nicht auszudenken, wie einfältig das Internet heute wäre. Twenty years of a free, open web weiterlesen

OS X imaging with FileWave Lightning

Create a vanilla OS X Image with FileWave Lightning without the command line

Although I feel comfortable creating OS X base images with InstaDMG, I was looking for an easier and faster method for people that are not used to the command line. Here are the steps needed to create a pristine OS X image ready for deployment via Lightning or DeployStudio.

1. Download Lightning from Filewave’s website

2. Drop it into your application folder

3. Start it up

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Fujifilm X-E1 Raw processing in Lightroom

Mildly said raw conversion for Fuji’s X-Trans Sensor in Lightroom is far from perfect.

dmcgaughey has written about it in his post Fuji X-Trans RAW conversion conundrums and delivers some nice evidence on how bad it is.

What I will do until Adobe releases a better conversion algorithm:

– Shoot RAW & JPG
Don’t convert RAW to DNG
– Do some in-camera raw conversion

I still believe Fuji should have included native DNG support in their X-line of cameras (like Hasselblad & Leica) and work more closely with Adobe and other software companies to bring perfect raw conversion to their products.

Please, Fuji & Adobe, do your homework.

Update 11.01.2013: Fuji Rumors writes that Fuji and Adobe are indeed working together on the issue! Let’s hope it’s true.

Update 28.02.2013: Adobe has released LR 4.4 RC and the problem seems to be fixed. Fujirumors has a nice roundoup.

Connect to Wi-Fi via CLI / Script

If you ever got an error like „Error: -3924 Invalid PMK Failed to join network“ on OS X try to enclose the Wi-Fi Password in single quotes.

I use this script in a DeployStudio workflow for connecting to a default Wi-Fi Network without revealing the password to the user.


# Activate Wi-Fi on en1 and join SSID with password
	networksetup -setairportpower en1 on
	networksetup -setairportnetwork en1 SSID 'Password'
exit 0

Downgrade Safari 6 to 5.1.7 on Lion

Today I needed an older version of Safari for some JavaScript debugging. I created a new VMware machine, installed Lion from my DeployStudio server and reinstalled a fresh 10.7.5 base image. Bad luck, Safari is already at version 6. I need to downgrade to 5.1.7.
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