Fujifilm X-E1 Raw processing in Lightroom

Mildly said raw conversion for Fuji’s X-Trans Sensor in Lightroom is far from perfect.

dmcgaughey has written about it in his post Fuji X-Trans RAW conversion conundrums and delivers some nice evidence on how bad it is.

What I will do until Adobe releases a better conversion algorithm:

– Shoot RAW & JPG
Don’t convert RAW to DNG
– Do some in-camera raw conversion

I still believe Fuji should have included native DNG support in their X-line of cameras (like Hasselblad & Leica) and work more closely with Adobe and other software companies to bring perfect raw conversion to their products.

Please, Fuji & Adobe, do your homework.

Update 11.01.2013: Fuji Rumors writes that Fuji and Adobe are indeed working together on the issue! Let’s hope it’s true.

Update 28.02.2013: Adobe has released LR 4.4 RC and the problem seems to be fixed. Fujirumors has a nice roundoup.